Xavy Website Maintenance Plan

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Package Description Monthly Annual
Xavy Maint1 5 hours/month + 1 free hours Rs. 1000 Rs. 11400
Xavy Maint2 10 hours/month + 3 free hours Rs. 2250 Rs. 26550
Xavy Maint3 20 hours/month + 5 free hours Rs.4500 Rs.53600
Xavy Maint4** 30 hours/month + 7 free hours Rs.6700 Rs. 80250
Xavy Maint5** 40 hours/month + 10 free hours Rs.9500 Rs.1,15,500
Xavy Heavy** 50 hours/month + 15 free hours Rs. 11300 Rs. 1,35,000

**Design Charges free

  • One Line Text Updation is free for all packages.
  • Price depends on time, taken for the update.
  • If you are a new client to us, or the website which require updates, is not developed by us, we will need to verify the website before accepting your service request, therefore please feel free to submit details of your website with the service request.
  • You will be provided with a weekly report based on your plan.
  • Charges to be paid initially before the start of work